A Hike In The Mountains

A Hike In The Smoky Mountains

The first hiking tip has more to do with expectation setting than technique. If you normally hike at about a 2-3mph pace (which is pretty normal), expect to cover 0.5-1.5 mph when hiking up a mountain. If the trail is good, your decent can usually be at your normal pace, but if the decent is rocky or tricky, expect to go about as slow down as you did going up.

It’s important to get rough estimate of how long you think you’ll be on the trail so that you give yourself enough time to get back before dark or bad weather. This uphill hiking calculator works well, but learning how to estimate your time in your head is a simple and good skill to have.

You also need to align your expectations with the physical effort. Mentally accept that you will sweat a bit, make sure you have eaten, and have food and water with you. At higher altitudes you can loose appetite, so know that and force yourself to eat a regular interval.

Hiking Trails in The Great Smoky Mountains

Hiking Trails in The Great Smoky Mountains

Here is a web site we use to find hiking trails in the mountains.